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Names and Pronunciations

As you view the list of names, please understand that there may be more than one way to spell each one. This is because there is not a direct transliteration from the Gurmukhi* alphabet to the English alphabet. (Note: Most of these spiritual names are from the Gurbani** language.)
The emphasis of your spiritual name is on how it is pronounced, so it is important to use the correct naad (sound current), when speaking your name, and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your spiritual name, but remember, the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.

Please listen carefully to the sound byte (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Start pronouncing your name slowly, feel it, and let it resonate within you.
Note that most of these spiritual names can be used by either a male or a female (Singh or Kaur), except as indicated.  The few names that can only be used for one gender or the other are indicated by having Singh or Kaur added to them in this list.

*Gurmukhi is the alphabet of the sacred language of the Sikhs
** Gurbani is the sacred language of the Sikhs

DalbirListen to Dalbir
DaleepListen to Daleep
DalgeetListen to Dalgeet
DaljitListen to Daljit
DaljodhListen to Daljodh
DaljotListen to Daljot
DalmeetListen to Dalmeet
DalminderListen to Dalminder
DalpreetListen to Dalpreet
DalpremListen to Dalprem
Daman InderListen to Daman Inder
DamanbirListen to Damanbir
DamandeepListen to Damandeep
DamanjitListen to Damanjit
DamanjotListen to Damanjot
DamanpalListen to Damanpal
DamanpreetListen to Damanpreet
DamanroopListen to Damanroop
DarbarListen to Darbar
DarpreetListen to Darpreet
DarshanListen to Darshan
DarshanbirListen to Darshanbir
DarshandeepListen to Darshandeep
DarshandevListen to Darshandev
DarshangeetListen to Darshangeet
DarshanjitListen to Darshanjit
DarshanjotListen to Darshanjot
DarveshListen to Darvesh
DasListen to Das
DashmeshListen to Dashmesh
DasjeetListen to Dasjeet
DasjotListen to Dasjot
DasrajListen to Dasraj
DassListen to Dass
DattaListen to Datta
DavinderjeetListen to Davinderjeet
DayaListen to Daya
Daya PriyaListen to Daya Priya
Daya SaroopListen to Daya Saroop
DayabirListen to Dayabir
DayajotListen to Dayajot
DayakarListen to Dayakar
DayalListen to Dayal
DayaldeepListen to Dayaldeep
DayaljotListen to Dayaljot
DayanidhanListen to Dayanidhan
DayapreetListen to Dayapreet
DayapremListen to Dayaprem
DeepListen to Deep
Deep KanwalListen to Deep Kanwal
Deep MohanListen to Deep Mohan
Deep NivasListen to Deep Nivas
Deep PrakashListen to Deep Prakash
Deep SimranListen to Deep Simran
DeepinderListen to Deepinder
DeeppremListen to Deepprem
DeepshabadListen to Deepshabad
DegListen to Deg
DeshbirListen to Deshbir
DeshjeetListen to Deshjeet
DeshpreetListen to Deshpreet
DevListen to Dev
Dev AmanListen to Dev Aman
Dev AmritListen to Dev Amrit
Dev ArdasListen to Dev Ardas
Dev ArjanListen to Dev Arjan
Dev AtmaListen to Dev Atma
Dev AvtarListen to Dev Avtar
Dev DarshanListen to Dev Darshan
Dev DharamListen to Dev Dharam
Dev InderpalListen to Dev Inderpal
Dev InderpreetListen to Dev Inderpreet
Dev KirtanListen to Dev Kirtan
Dev MurtiListen to Dev Murti
Dev NarayanListen to Dev Narayan
Dev PuranListen to Dev Puran
Dev SarangListen to Dev Sarang
Dev SaroopListen to Dev Saroop
Dev ShaktiListen to Dev Shakti
Dev ShantListen to Dev Shant
DevaListen to Deva
Deva AtmaListen to Deva Atma
Deva NamListen to Deva Nam
Deva SangatListen to Deva Sangat
DevadevListen to Devadev
DevbirListen to Devbir
DevdeepListen to Devdeep
DeviListen to Devi
Devi AtmaListen to Devi Atma
Devi DyalListen to Devi Dyal
Devi KirnListen to Devi Kirn
DevinderListen to Devinder
DevinderjitListen to Devinderjit
DevinderjotListen to Devinderjot
DevindermeetListen to Devindermeet
DevinderpalListen to Devinderpal
DevjanListen to Devjan
DevjeetListen to Devjeet
DevjotListen to Devjot
DevlokListen to Devlok
DevmukhListen to Devmukh
DevpalListen to Devpal
DevpreetListen to Devpreet
DevrajListen to Devraj
DevroopListen to Devroop
DevsujanListen to Devsujan
DevtaListen to Devta
Devta NamListen to Devta Nam
DhammeetListen to Dhammeet
DhampremListen to Dhamprem
Dhan NirinjanListen to Dhan Nirinjan
Dhan NirmalListen to Dhan Nirmal
DhanbirListen to Dhanbir
DhanjeetListen to Dhanjeet
DhanjotListen to Dhanjot
DhanpalListen to Dhanpal
DhanpremListen to Dhanprem
DhanrajListen to Dhanraj
DhanwantListen to Dhanwant
DharamListen to Dharam
Dharam AnandListen to Dharam Anand
Dharam AtmaListen to Dharam Atma
Dharam AvtarListen to Dharam Avtar
Dharam DamamaListen to Dharam Damama
Dharam DarshanListen to Dharam Darshan
Dharam DevListen to Dharam Dev
Dharam DhyanListen to Dharam Dhyan
Dharam GyanListen to Dharam Gyan
Dharam InderListen to Dharam Inder
Dharam JiwanListen to Dharam Jiwan
Dharam NidhanListen to Dharam Nidhan
Dharam NirmalListen to Dharam Nirmal
Dharam NiwasListen to Dharam Niwas
Dharam PalListen to Dharam Pal
Dharam PrakashListen to Dharam Prakash
Dharam PreetListen to Dharam Preet
Dharam RajListen to Dharam Raj
Dharam ShantListen to Dharam Shant
DharambirListen to Dharambir
DharamdeepListen to Dharamdeep
DharamdevListen to Dharamdev
DharamdhanListen to Dharamdhan
DharamdhirListen to Dharamdhir
DharamdhyanListen to Dharamdhyan
DharamgeetListen to Dharamgeet
DharamgunListen to Dharamgun
DharamgyanListen to Dharamgyan
DharaminderListen to Dharaminder
DharamjeetListen to Dharamjeet
DharamjodhListen to Dharamjodh
DharamjogListen to Dharamjog
DharamkiretListen to Dharamkiret
DharamleenListen to Dharamleen
DharampremListen to Dharamprem
DharamrajListen to Dharamraj
DharamsukhListen to Dharamsukh
DharamvirListen to Dharamvir
DharamwantListen to Dharamwant
DharmaListen to Dharma
Dharma AtmaListen to Dharma Atma
DhirajpalListen to Dhirajpal
DhyanListen to Dhyan
Dhyan PrakashListen to Dhyan Prakash
DhyanjotListen to Dhyanjot
DhyanpalListen to Dhyanpal
DhyanpreetListen to Dhyanpreet
DidarListen to Didar
DilbagListen to Dilbag
DilmeetListen to Dilmeet
DilpreetListen to Dilpreet
DittaListen to Ditta
DukhnivaranListen to Dukhnivaran
Dya AtmaListen to Dya Atma
DyalListen to Dyal
Dyal AmritListen to Dyal Amrit
Dyal DeepListen to Dyal Deep
Dyal MohanListen to Dyal Mohan
Dyal SevaListen to Dyal Seva
DyaljeetListen to Dyaljeet