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September 2010 Numerology Forecast: Resolve or Release

By Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa, California, USA

September is a time where our destructive demons of the past can come back to haunt us. There is an "echo resonance" at play, and when challenged by adverse circumstances, we may feel like spiraling back into old coping mechanisms. This emotional echo effect can have us thinking, "I wish it could be like the good ol’ days again; I could do whatever I want and still be okay!" Just remember that times have changed, and you may want to reconsider before taking that first sip out of the bottle, because you may find yourself hitting the bottom of it. One slip-up can send you spinning, and it's best to remember that the journey downward is not worth the effort it takes to pull yourself back up again. Everything in life has a price, and if you are having a fragile moment, just remind yourself that you are priceless in the eyes of the Creator.

In looking forward to explore more solutions to this unique time, it is important to note that in the science of Numerology there is something called the 3-6-9 Progression. Each of the numbers 3, 6, and 9 are of the Fire Element. The overall number for this year is a 3 (2+0+1+0=3), so we have a coinciding sequence (3 year, 9 month) of double fire energy. That's a lot of heat! Nine represents completion, and that which we cannot let go of will destroy us. If you are in a relationship and cannot resolve the angry and combative communication of your partner, it will steadily wear you down to nothing. You will begin to feel like a ghost inhabiting your former self, wondering, "What happened to me, how did I lose myself?" This is a very painful place to be in, and you can shift out of it by reminding yourself to, "Resolve or release" If you can't resolve it, you gotta let it go. Once Yogi Bhajan was counseling a woman whose husband was leaving their spiritual path. She was distraught and in duality as to whether or not she should follow along with him, since she took her commitment to her marriage very seriously. Yogi Bhajan's simple reply to her dilemma was, "You don't follow destruction."

Our soul's journey is just that, our own soul's journey. Whether with friends, family, or business we have relationships along the way where ideally, issues can be worked out, thereby strengthening the relationship and increasing its value. Our present time and space requires both parties to step up to the plate and be responsible for their actions and behavior. Being irresponsible is just an inability to respond to what needs to be addressed, and then you have a mess. What will help you find your way in September is the Adi Shakti* mantra. The sound current of this mantra has a resonance with the number nine, and nine is the mystery number. It represents the unknown or mysterious qualities of life. If you can't find your way, just chant this mantra 1 I minutes a day! When your car's windshield is foggy in the morning, you press the defroster switch to evaporate the fog. You wouldn't even consider trying to drive with a foggy windshield would you? The same awareness is needed in your personal life. Don't make important decisions based on the ghostly echoes of the past. Clear yourself so your soul may have a vision of the safe and secure journey homeward.Another aspect of the number nine is the need to be cautious when going in reverse. This means you would want to be careful when backing out of a driveway or parking space, as things will have the tendency to come shooting out of nowhere. Also, have discretion when discussing a conflict which occurred six months or even six years ago. An extreme tenderness regarding old emotional scar tissue will be experienced at this time. Shy away from any "Type A" tornadoes you may see, because it is the nature of the tornado to pull things into itself and tear them to pieces. The Tibetans have a motto which says, "The best armor is to stay out of range."

Amazingly, even in the most challenging of seasons, there is a way to remain happy, calm, and balanced. If you are reading or hearing this forecast, you are a part of the Aquarian Age transition team. I believe that the folk/rock duo called the "Indigo Girls" said it best in their song "Secure Yourself.” The echo resonance of a lyric I hear is, "Released from circles guarded tight, now we all are chosen ones."

*The Adi Shakti mantra CD by Guru Das Kaur can be found at

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