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Numerology Forecast for 2020: Happy New Year!

By Nam Hari Kaur

Here we are, can you even believe it! The start of a New Year and a new decade on planet Earth. We have shifted from the number 1 to the number 2 decade in our calendar lineup, and the results could not be more dramatic.

Humanity is now at a critical point of evolution, and the numbers have much to say as to how we may best navigate this transition. There is no middle ground anymore, it is literally a “sink or swim” paradigm, so let’s take a look at how to stay elevated and enjoy the journey.

The number 1 of the previous decade has leaned into the themes of independence, opportunity, and a tendency to overly focus on one’s own self as the priority. This will no longer work on any level. The degree of isolation, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and relationship dysfunction has now reached pandemic proportions.

When the number 1 is imbalanced, it can be tyrannical in nature. I have witnessed an increasing trend where one family member will exert their will to the point that they are now the Captain of an empty ship. Everyone else grabbed a life raft and is madly paddling away.

Sometimes we need to get back to basics, and the most basic element of any relationship is communication. A brilliant and understandable approach can be found in the field of “NonViolent Communication” training. You can easily get the book on this and begin the journey towards healing the relationships in your life.

Number 2 in the Positive polarity represents the themes of harmony, balance, devotion, mutual support and divine alliance. In the Negative polarity it represents conflict, duality, and an immature, if not even childish, reaction to not getting one’s own way.

This emotional reactivity is the biggest problem on a social level throughout 2020. “You’re either with me or against me!” will be a very common stance. The ability to find or create a middle ground will be the tipping point between harmony or total breakdown and chaos.

And yet, there is actually another challenge that can outweigh the external duality. That problem is mental breakdown and imbalance. We are seeing a sharp increase in mental health issues in our society, and this is not good. The number 2 represents the balance of our two brain hemispheres working together in harmony. When we abuse or mentally pressurize the brain, trouble is just around the corner.

Keep a balance in your life between your responsibilities and what is now popularly called self-care. Self-care is the new prescription for well-being, and there is no way around this.

Get back to basics with your food, exercise, meditation, and social gatherings. You can’t get through this year flying solo, so reach out as best you can and participate with others. Try a class in rock climbing, pottery spinning, creative writing, improv theater, ethnic cooking, pastry baking, anything to get you out of the house and get involved!

“Don’t isolate and insulate yourself,” is a quote of Yogi Bhajan’s, and he was speaking specifically of the transition time we are now in on the planet. Another tip he gave is to include turmeric in your diet. It helps to balance the pressures in the brain and it can help people keep their mental equilibrium.

Equilibrium is the name of the game in 2020, and as number 2 also represents boundaries, don’t lose yours! The ability to say “No!” to that which is inappropriate can be the tipping point between taking the time to regenerate yourself or, having a nervous breakdown.

Developing intuition is the way to protect ourselves in the world, yet it can be difficult to be intuitive if we are ruthlessly addicted to fear, insecurity, anger, or substances. The meditation for healing addictions is a good one to practice this year. We are all addicted to something, and 2020 highlights these tendencies so they can be resolved.

The beauty of this practice is that it is easy to do, and also easy to teach beginners. You could be the saving grace of sanity and stability by sharing this meditation with a friend or family member.

Number 2 embodies the Negative Mind and a field of high sensitivity. We will find ourselves more sensitive to what is occurring in our environments, and decisions will need to be made as to whether or not it is healthy to remain there.

Lastly the number 2 is all about the cozy connectivity we feel with others and the Angelic realm. One of my all-time favorite songs is “I’ll Stand by You,” by The Pretenders. Sometimes I listen to this song and imagine an Angel sitting by me on the sofa and handing me a cup of tea. Then another Angel comes over and puts a cozy blanket over me, smiles, and says, “Nothing you confess would make me love you less.” It’s a good moment.

Let us all stand by each other at this time, holding hands and holding faith in the goodness and creative flow of Universe. Let us reach out to each other with a smile and a kind word, knowing it is just the right medicine to dispel the illusion of separation.

We are the Ones we have been waiting for; right here, right now, right on time in the Divine. Sat Nam and Happy New Year.

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