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Ik Ardaas

This shabad brings you to a protected state of purity and grace. It is a prayer to become humble and to connect you with the protective kindness of Guru Ram Das.

Ham avagun bharay ayk gun naahee
amrit chhaad bikhai bikh khaa-ee

Maayaa moh bharam pai bhoolay
sut daaraa sio preet lagaa-ee

Ik utam panth sunio gur sangat
teh milant jam traas mitaa-ee

Ik ardaas bhaat keerat kee
Gur Raam Daas raakho sarnaa-ee


“I am without virtue, I have not even one virtue.

I turned away from nectar and ate poison.

Lost in doubt and temptation,

I slept, in love with the world and maya.

I have heard that the most exalted path of all is the Sadh Sangat.

Joining it, the fear of death is taken away.

This one prayer of Keerat, the poet, is that Guru Ram Das ever surround me with

His Divine protection.

Keep me sheltered from falsehood and maya in His sanctuary.”


-From Mantra: Personal Guidance through the Power of the Word by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa

Many versions of this shabad can be found on Spirit Voyage and Sikhnet.