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Anger: Find and Refine Your Power

Excerpts from Senses of the Soul by GuruMeher Singh

Do you want to get rid of your Anger? You may want to think twice, because without Anger, you'd be dead! Anger is the fire that digests your food and powers each cell of your body. It's the great motivator; it's both the energy to protect yourself and the confidence to get what you need. It's the power that builds relationships, businesses, and empires, as well as the force that destroys them. Anger is your source of intense, hot energy to handle it all and make things right. It will help you find your power and teach you how to use it for the greatest good. 

Anger is intoxicating because of the power it brings. And Anger is Power; think of both as forms of fire. They heat things up, make them move, and leave everything they touch changed. They aren't good or bad; it just depends on how you use them: Cook your food or burn it, warm your house or burn it down, create love or betray it.

When you learn to use Anger to protect yourself, you will become more comfortable. When you use it to serve others, you will be happy. Learn to enjoy the greater play of power and allow it to work through and around you.

Anger is more than a big, mean monster. You have at times, experienced Anger in the form you enjoy and need most: smooth, effective action to handle what needs to be done. You don't think of it as Anger, but as Strength. Intentional action and achievement are like nice controlled flames. When you hit an obstacle, the heat rises to match the situation. You take your efforts to a higher gear; you push harder or go longer until it's done. If that doesn't get you what you want, however, you start to feel irritated and frustrated. But you can channel that into clearer thinking or more decisive action.

Anger Isn't Good or Bad—It Just Depends on How You Use It

Anger has received a bad reputation from all the damage that occurs in this process. But your Anger is not the problem; no more than your stove is to blame for burning your dinner. As with any form of power, the outcome depends on how it is used. The goal in our work with Anger is to be skillful in applying its power. The image of a disciplined ninja fighting only to defend and restore peace and honor can serve as an inspiration to harness the wild beast within and put it to good use.

Used well, Anger brings just the right amount of energy to handle any situation. Think of it as your guardian angel, taking care of you, sending you the energy necessary for you to get what you need to live well. So don't be afraid of your own power; when you claim it, you'll be safe. When your use of Anger is refined, balanced, and wise, you will instinctively use the right level of energy to get the job done.

Anger plays a key role in your story; it is your personal fuel source on this journey; it is your teacher. Anger is the fire in your belly that digests your food, that gets you out of bed, that compels you to go out to conquer the day. You need Anger’s heat and light. Don't get rid of Anger; without it you are dead. Instead, learn to use it.

The purpose of Anger is to help you get what you need and protect you from harm by sending a message that you do not like what is happening or has happened, and by identifying the harm, its source, and the need it reveals in order to find solutions.

You can get in the game if you begin to trust yourself with power, and you can gain this trust though well-channeled Anger. Use it first for self-protection and self-healing, as you experience the good it can do. Then help others from your position of strength. In time, you will gain and use more freely what was always there. Anger is not yours. It is a power channeled through you to break through pain and ignorance and to bring freedom and light to all.

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Video on Anger and Personal Power by GuruMeher Singh

GuruMeher Singh Khalsa is a professional Life Coach and Kundalini Teacher Trainer. His Kundalini-based work on using heavy emotions for inner guidance is in the KRI approved book Senses of the Soul at www.SensesOfTheSoul.comIn addition to his book, GuruMeher is a certified yoga therapist who offers private sessions by phone in support of your emotional wellbeing. A fully mentored 9-month training in the Senses of the Soul system begins each February online.