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Numerology Forecast for December 2018: Relax and Rejoice!

By Nam Hari Kaur

December is a time of relaxation and rejoicing, as well as a time to reflect upon the lessons we have learned through our personal transformation this year.

The number 3 of December embodies the themes of nurturing, creativity, and a positive outlook on life. Throughout 2018 everyone has been through a dramatic emotional landscape that has challenged and redefined our personal boundaries. “Sink or Swim!” could be the caption for the freeze-frame of chaos, and now we must come to a point of equilibrium within ourselves.

Safe-guard yourself from repeating the negative emotional patterns which always seem to “set you up” for the fall. Conscious awareness is the key here, as it is essential to the survival of your nervous system, as well as your overall sanity.

December is a time where we don’t particularly feel like committing to anything. This is because the Base number is a 5, and number 5 likes to scream from the top of its lungs, “Don’t tell me what to do, and don’t make up rules for me!” Yes, let freedom ring, and don’t fence me into anything. So, if you are looking for a volunteer to bake five dozen cookies for the school fundraiser, it could be a long search.

Get it right in December, and what I mean by that is, don’t take the dead-end drama of your past and repeat it in the New Year.

An important aspect of self-healing is in having the awareness to see where the energy leak is, and fix it. Fix the leak, it’s that simple. As a component to this, recognize where the addiction to drama might be (yours or someone else’s), and don’t play into it anymore. Sort this out for yourself now, as next year will be starting off like a firecracker in a cyclone. You will need your reserve strength for yourself, unencumbered by obligations that might require you to compensate for someone else.

Sneak Preview: 2019 will be an intensely dramatic time on the planet, as the overall number of 3 (2+0+1+9 = 3), combined with the Gift of 10 (1+9 = 10), creates a perfect storm of Old School Authority vs. Aquarian Creative Excellence. The division between opposing forces of opinion will reach new levels of intensity, and we must choose to apply ourselves where we can be most effective. Working from a space of focus and clarity on one or two projects is better than scrambling and feeling overwhelmed by juggling three or four worthy causes. Know your boundaries and keep it together.

Okay, now back to the jolly month of December! I personally believe that life is the combined Art and Science of knowing when and how to apply yourself, and when to let the river gently guide you in the journey. December is more of a “let the river guide me” time, a time to relax, enjoy life, and decompress from the year. Treat yourself, splurge a little, and take a moment for reflective gratitude for the goodness in your life.

Many people are feeling like weary soldiers returning home from an invisible battle that no one else could see. You know what you’ve been through, so take a time-out without feeling the need to explain. Comfort yourself in the most simple of pleasures: good food, happy music, a hot bath, a walk in nature, time with friends, and whatever you instinctively know your Soul is craving. Indulge in the goodness of life, creating a sense of fullness and abundance that radiates into your presence on planet Earth. Do this for yourself, but also know that you are helping others to heal by being a lovely example of a high Spirit in a changing world.

An important thing to realize about the spiritual path is that not everything has to be hard.

There is a form of yoga called “Sahej Yog,” which means “the easy way.” In our theme of ease and flow for the month of December, I have a beautiful meditation to share, which is the Attitude of Gratitude Meditation. Yogi Bhajan has said of this practice:

“When you chant this mantra with the breath of life, you tap into all the angels of the Universe, including your own great ancestors who have a qualifying life as an angel. It's quick. It's fast. It's purposeful. It brings in what you need.”

My goodness, this sounds real good to me! Sign me up for the Angels swooping on down to bring in the blessings, joy and comfort. And I think I’ll forward this link to a friend I know who’s been struggling a bit. Yes, good idea.

I haven’t mentioned a movie in awhile, so I’ve picked a good one for this holiday season. “The Green Book” is an excellent film based on the true story of a sophisticated Black man who hires a “from the streets” Italian-American White guy to be his personal driver.

Don Shirley is a classically trained concert pianist, and Tony Vallelonga is an unemployed ex-bouncer. A twist of divine fate connects the two, and they are somewhat unwillingly thrown together in a journey through the deep South during the 1960’s. For you youngsters out there, the 1960’s was not always the friendliest of times for a Black man trying to hold his head up high in the South.

This film parallels many social issues we still have at present, as well as showing the evolution of both sides towards a common goal and mutual respect. Humanity can learn something from “The Green Book” at this time.

May the hand of God guide you and protect you, may you find the Peace and Love you are now longing for, and may we meet again in the New Year. Kindest Blessing, Nam Hari.

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