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Inner Healing, Outer Projection

By Melissa Baker/Nirbho Atma Kaur

How can we help heal this planet? This seems utopic in a world where there are situations like school shootings that are leaving children and adults fearful and unprotected. According to the non-profit Everytown for Gun Safety, five months into 2018 America experienced forty school shootings. As a Certified Radiant Child teacher who teaches yoga in schools, gyms and summer camps, this is a topic that sits close to my heart.

Just because we don’t see issues about shootings on the news does not mean that it is not affecting lives weeks, months, years after. In these life-changing events, we can use yoga, meditation and prayer as tools to help ourselves and our world heal. In addition to children, I see fear and hate-based comments all over the internet. Online, some people put on masks to hide what is truly happening inside. We forget that we are all human.

I see comments about who is right or wrong and what is negative and positive. We forget about oneness. As a result, our society has become fragmented. We have identified with our differences and stopped identifying with truth, love and light.

How can we heal this disconnection or lack of inner and outer communication? One clear solution is prayer. It starts with healing our inner world. There are sky-rocketing numbers of people experiencing mental illness, with depression being most prevalent.

As much division as we’ve self-created, we’ve lost touch with our unity. We’ve lost touch with our inner most selves. Yoga means to unite, not how many seconds you can hold a hand stand.

Before we teach our children the importance of these techniques and tools that can give them the ability to heal, we can look within our own duality and judgments.

Most of us have self-talk that does not align with our own divinity: "I am stupid. I look ugly." Through Kundalini Yoga we can heal those thoughts and have the ability to direct healing towards our world. As Yogi Bhajan says in one of his five sutras, “Recognize the other person is you.” Essentially this means that we are all of life. When you look into another person’s eyes with empathy, you understand the other person is you.  

Clearly, I see that we act separately. We spend more time criticizing people or playing video games online than we do interacting with people. Until we can realize the other person is you, we cannot fully understand what healing a nation looks and feels like.

The mantra Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung is one of the mantras for healing. The frequency of this sound projection evokes healing for yourself and others. After I did this meditation for 40 days, I saw its impact through the healing of my grandmother, healing of children I taught, and my own healing.

You may know someone personally who needs healing, or you may choose to heal immigrant children, all the elders, or the pollution of the ocean. Also, there is the self-healing that occurs in your internal conflict by listening or chanting this mantra.

As spiritual singer, Trevor Hall, says in one of his songs, “You can’t rush your healing. Darkness has its teachings, love is never leaving. You can’t rush your healing.” With patience, you have the ability to heal yourself and heal others through the projection of our words.

Chant or listen, at the end of it, project this healing through prayer where it is needed in your heart, in your mind, in your life and in this world.

In 2010, Nirbho Atma Kaur’s (Melissa Baker) life changed when she had scoliosis surgery, where two titanium rods were placed aligning her spine. Since then, she has fully embraced and cared for her body through an active life. She is a Kundalini Yoga teacher who is passionate about teaching young adults and diverse cultures how to access and connect to their inner truth through Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda.

She is a Certified Health Education Specialist and Radiant Child Yoga Teacher. Nirbho Atma learned Kundalini Yoga at an Ashram in Israel. She has developed personal practices of Kundalini Yoga, and Hatha Yoga, and her creative expression of writing and music. She teaches transformational workshops, retreats, children's classes, and online. Outside of yoga, Melissa loves to experience travel adventures, play tennis, be in nature, cook nourishing food from local markets, and simply be around loving people. 
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