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Meditation to Develop the Frontal Lobe and Hypothalamus

Taught on August 8, 2000

"There are three stages of time. One is yesterday, one is today, and one is tomorrow… And there is no such thing as tomorrow. If tomorrow does not become today, there shall be no tomorrow. You cannot meet tomorrow face to face. Tomorrow will become today and then it will face you… Birds have no worry of tomorrow. They only make their nest when they are to lay their eggs. That is their only tomorrow. And when it’s over, everything is over.

"Have you seen birds coming and opening a bank account? Or carrying a packet of food with them? No. They are not subject to the limits of time and space. They fly, they go. Where they see food, they get it. They are constantly living in today. But you as human beings live today and work for tomorrow, which you cannot face. That’s why some are too rich, some are too poor, some are too angry…

"We have two things in our body; frontal lobe and upper palate. We need to practice stimulation and control. These are two things in the body which are underdeveloped. And you can only develop them by imagination and by certain permutations and combinations of words with the tongue, so you can get the result." -Yogi Bhajan

1. Sit in Easy Pose with hands in Gyan Mudra, resting on the knees.

2. Eyes at the tip of the nose, nine parts closed, one part open.

3. Chant Wha Hay Guroo, Wha Hay Guroo, Wha Hay Guroo, Wha Hay Jeeo. Continue for 31 minutes.

"We need music for the rhythm. We need these words because their permutation and combination make the tongue to touch the upper palate meridian points accurately… Keep the spine straight for strength." -Yogi Bhajan

4. Inhale, remain in the posture, and begin Long Deep Breathing. Continue for 3 minutes.

"Concentrate on the sound you have listened to and chanted. Breath should be strongest, longest, and most powerful. This is a time for your virtue of the breath to be in control of you. This is the moment you have to create all the power within yourself. Concentrate on the breath. With each breath feel God within you, with each sound feel the Universe around you. And this power which you are creating, nobody can take away from youWhen it becomes your total power as per your own excellence, you will be recognized by all human beings, birds, and animals." -Yogi Bhajan

5. Inhale deep. Straighten your spine and squeeze the entire fiber of your body to create one electromagnetic field. Hold tight. Fire out (exhale powerfully through the mouth). Repeat 2 more times.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC. Used with permission.