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Manifesting through the Chakras

By Ram Krishan Singh

As human beings, we are blessed with the potential to serve as conscious instruments of the flow of creation. We can align with the natural process and work with it to manifest the Universe's highest forms of intelligence upon our planet. This science may be conceptualized and studied through the framework of the chakras.

The entire process of creation flows from the Infinite. Each individual's energetic connection point is the thousand petaled lotus called the crown chakra. A constant stream of inspiration flows from this point. This flow is intuitive and subtle—it is before thought or form. By tuning in to our connection with Infinity through the present moment, we allow ourselves to receive divine inspiration which may guide our lives.

As we allow this divine inspiration to flow through us, it comes to the Third Eye and becomes a vision. This is a center of clear seeing intelligence and focus which is required in order for this conscious process of manifestation to continue. With clear vision there is a goal and a direction that gives us a purpose.

The vision then continues to the throat chakra where it receives practical structure. This is the center of creativity—where the practical blueprint is formed. Just like a business plan is followed to create a business and a written musical composition is played to create a musical melody, so too does our vision become a pathway of manifestation, with clear steps forward.

What may be considered the most important part of the process of manifestation is the heart. This center is where love, devotion, and joy emanate. If the vision is in alignment with destiny, it activates the production of a natural fuel towards manifestation called devotion. Devotion is emotion when it is directed towards destiny, and devotion creates a psycho-emotional experience of connection with purpose. The experience alone gives a sense of fulfillment and connection that allows the human being to be centered in the present moment each step of the way.

The devotion is then channeled into activity as it moves to the solar plexus. This is the center of will and action. Through this center we affect the world. Our action is fueled by the heart's energy of devotion, in practical steps, towards a grand vision as guided by Infinity. We experience an unshakable sense of purpose.

Where, very often, a vision may fall short of its full manifestation is as it reaches the sacral center. This is the center of flexibility and fluidity. It requires the individual to be adaptive to the realities of the world and yet hold the integrity of the vision. It requires the ability to bend and adapt, and just because the vision doesn't look exactly how it is imagined, there is still the ability to continue to allow the Universe to present the perfect situations in each moment and to act with integrity.

The vision is manifest as it reaches the root chakra. This is the center of embodiment. If we imagine the cosmic flow of energy as a stream, it moves towards manifestation and realizes perfect form through a process within time and space.

The process is both linear over time, and timeless. In one sense a vision requires devotion and movement to come into being. Yet in another sense, when we are open to all levels of the process all at once, we experience being infinite and finite at the same time. We honor the perfection of creation and our role as a servant to our purpose as given by the Creator. 

Our true self crystallizes as we commit to our Vision and we find wholeness in the alignment with our destiny, here and now.

This creative process of manifesting destiny is the path of spirituality for the Aquarian Age. Gone are the times of seclusion and austere practice separate from worldly life. Now meditation is the remembrance of the Infinite through serving each individual's unique and ever-evolving living vision.

The entire practice that leads to freedom from limitation and crystallization of infinite identity is completely contained within the commitment and devotion to destiny. By aligning every facet of being to the flow of Infinity, individuality merges in the infinite stream of creation.

Each of us are masters; we create our reality each moment. It is up to every individual to cut through the cultural static and reach the original sound current that is the song of the Soul, and allow its fullest expression to be embodied upon the Earth!

Ram Krishan Singh Khalsa is a lifelong student of the healing arts and Universal Truth. With over 11 years of worldwide travel and intensive study, he shares in the spirit of unity through his ever evolving life work which he calls One Truth. He currently serves as the director of the Seva Sadhana Program at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Ashram in Espanola, New Mexico, where he lives with his wife and daughter.