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Meditation to Experience the Expanded Self

Concentrate very humbly, because when there is concentration, the glands overwork and over-secrete. Due to this stimulation of the endocrine system, this is a good meditation for practicing on the day of the full moon. It will enhance your inner radiance.

Posture: Sit in a comfortable meditative posture with a straight spine.

Mudra: Rest the hands in a comfortable position of your choice.

Breath: Breathe normally.

Eyes: Eyes are closed.

Mental Focus/Visualization: Imagine you are on a mountain and you are looking down at the town or city that you live in. Understand that what you are seeing is really inside of you. Imagine what size your head must be and think of how much it can contain.

Now go up in the air until you can look at the entire United States. Go beyond this and see the entire Earth. Understand that the entire planet is in your head. Expand and see the solar system. Then see the entire Universe. Become the entire Universe but still be in the body.

Feel the vast amounts of energy flowing through the body. Expand the little "I" into a big "I". Go beyond time and try to grab Infinity. Just expand into the vastness of yourself. In this vastness, see the light of purity. It is a glittering, simple soft light.

Now imagine that this glittering soft, beautiful, pure light is in the center of your head. Focus on it. That is where the pineal gland is located. It is a most precious gem which God has put there.

See nothing but light. It is blue light. It is subtle; it is warm; it is pure. It is in your head but it is as big as the Cosmos. Become pure light. Understand I am, I am.

Time: Continue for 5 – 11 minutes.

To End: Inhale deeply and exhale completely 3 times. Then inhale and hold the breath; exhale.

© KRI. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC. Used with permission.