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Numerology for March: What do I Really Want to be Doing with My Life?

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of March is a time of testing the waters of our creative vision, and combining this vision with the question, “What do I really want to be doing with my life?”

The number 3 represents creativity, joy, the Positive Mind, and the ability to believe in one’s sense of purpose and place in the world. Along with 3 for the month, we have the number 4, by way of 13, for the Base calculation (Base is month 3 + 10 year = 13).

This is where things are going to get very interesting. Number 4 represents work or service, and since it is by way of Significant number 13, it creates a dynamic where anyone who does not like their present occupation will be feeling very cranky about it. To the point of complaining loudly, and potentially blaming everyone else around them for their lot in life.

The dialogue could sound something like this, “Why do I have to work this lousy job just so you can go back to school. I want to follow my dream too!” Whatever the details are, the bottom line emotion is the same. And that bottom line is, ”I’ve got to get going, I can’t keep treading water anymore.”

Yes, this is a good month to look at these issues, whether they involve someone else, or just your childhood scripting. We all have imprints of what we were told to believe about ourselves, and this month of March will be bringing up these scripts Big Time!

You may even find yourself slipping into mental arguments with the people around you, or, with someone from the past. This can be very energetically draining, and take away from your ability to move forward in your creative integrity.

Looking to the Gift number for the year, the number 8, let’s find a solution for this negative mental spin cycle. The meditation called Shabad Kriya is a very powerful yet simple way to regenerate yourself. Practicing this will change your life.

Now you have a real tool with which to heal yourself, and use your precious energy for creative endeavors. The number 8 represents rhythm and energy. You need extra high octane fuel this year to progress. Yogi Bhajan said: “Anything which is rhythmic, is happy.”

The rhythm of the breath creates the rhythm of our life force and projective psyche. The ability to penetrate through obstacles, and the negative impact of others, is dependent on our own projective energy. Empower yourself with this meditation, it’s your way to a brighter day and self-fulfillment.

Alright, let’s look further into why we will be feeling so motivated to get on with our lives. The answer is in the Heart number, which is our emotional equilibrium and well-being.

The Heart number is the combination of the Mastery of 3 + Gift of 8. This creates a Heart of 11 for March. number 11 is all about spiritual alignment and inspiration. If you’re no longer feeling the magic, you’re gonna want out. This will create an interesting dynamic on the planet, and there will be a time from the 13th to the 22nd of March when people will tend to argue and blame others for whatever is bothering them. Try to avoid these dialogues.

Keep your focus, this is an important theme of 2017. The ability to focus one’s energy towards a plan or creative vision is an essential part of feeling happy and grounded.

The number 10 is connected to the Earth Element, which includes metal. Be conscious and careful in your handling of the Metal Element this year. This would include knives (kitchen), cars (driving), and all tools in general. If you are forceful or distracted, you might end up hurting yourself. Keep an eye on the children when they are using knives, scissors, etc. Also, skateboards! They usually have metal wheels.

Looking again to the 3 of March, number 3 represents the Positive Mind. This is our ability to remain positive and solution-oriented amidst an increasingly changing world climate. This change is on every level, including the weather.

Because the number 7 is part of the Universal Cycle for this year of 2017, the Water Element is super-activated. We now have an abundance of water in places where previously there were severe drought conditions. Water affects our emotions, and we are seeing a “spilling over” effect in people’s behavior, where not everyone is able to contain themselves as they could previously.

No matter what the weather report is, when you have your spiritual practice and the camaraderie of other like-minded Souls, you are maintaining your equilibrium in a swiftly changing world. Keep this precious balance within yourself, and know that the right opportunities that belong to you, are just on the path ahead. Sat Nam.

“When life is applied, life is supplied by God.”
-Yogi Bhajan

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