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Yogi Bhajan's Candied Sauteed Almonds

By Siri Ved Kaur Khalsa from From Vegetables, with Love: Recipes and Tales from a Yogi’s Kitchen

Yogi Bhajan gave this recipe for a woman to enjoy as breakfast during the first few days of her menstrual cycle, and also for a new mother during the first 40 days after having a baby. They help to keep her youthful radiance. Serve with ginger tea and chase those blahs away! I love them on top of cooked cereal such as oatmeal, or tapioca.

When not on her cycle or postpartum, a woman should not eat these candied almonds, but instead, soak almonds in water overnight and then peel. If a woman eats almonds with the skins on any time besides on her period, "she will age so fast, you won't believe it!"

½ teaspoon ghee or oil (almond or sesame)

1 handful whole, raw almonds

2-3 teaspoons honey

Heat ghee or oil in a small frying pan over a medium­high flame. Add whole almonds and fry, stirring constantly until they begin to snap and pop and become a bit browned. This happens quickly so be vigilant! Remove from heat and immediately add honey. Stir to coat almonds well. Cool and serve.

©2015 Siri-Ved Kaur Khalsa

Siri Ved Kaur has been a part of the 3HO/Sikh Dharma community since 1971, when she served as Yogi Bhajan’s personal cook for several years. She has authored three cookbooks (Conscious Cookery - 1978, From Vegetables with Love – 1989, and From Vegetables, with Love: Recipes & Tales from a Yogi’s Kitchen - 2015) and written numerous columns for Beads of Truth, Aquarian Times, YogaMint, and HealthWorld Online. Mother of three grown daughters, she now resides in Bakersfield, California with her husband, Gurujodha Singh.