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Love is an Inside Job

By GuruMeher Singh

Wow, life just never stops coming at us. We have responsibilities, current and ongoing challenges to handle daily. Then there are past incomplete issues weighing in, and anticipation of the future and attempting to control it. There’s a lot to work out.

Here’s a life-coaching strategy for dealing with all of your worldly conflicts:

Work things out from the INSIDE.

Our impulse is to go out there and gather some praise and love. This is sketchy because: 1) People may not be available, willing or capable to give you what you need. But mainly, 2) It’s hard or impossible to get enough external praise to truly overcome your internal perceptions once they are set in place. It’s like light passing back through the colored lens doesn’t change the coloring. So handling life’s challenges begins with mending the very source of your perceptions and expectations—your sense of self.

When you are not at peace with yourself, not in total supportive love with yourself, there is no unified force to meet life head on. Rather, you join in with the forces that challenge you. An internal mutiny ends in abandoning your own (relation) ship of the self

So how to start this interior remodeling? How to resolve the primary conflict with yourself, with which there is no peace with others?

Start at the top and progress as each stage is realized. And be advised, some steps take years, but all progress brings benefits.

- I recognize my inner conflicts.

- I intend to love myself.

- I have compassion for even the worst about me.

- I no longer criticize or put myself down.

- I see and accept the failings in others, and protect myself from them as needed.

- I no longer do things that make me feel bad.

- I actively do what furthers my long-term wellbeing.

- I take such good care of myself that there are no old issues; new ones are quickly addressed.

- I have no envy, jealousy or fear of others. My contentment brings enjoyment of others’ success.

- I feel really beautiful and good about myself for no reason.

- I love easily and fully without conditions.

- I observe that my presence brings out more love in those around me.

- It is no longer about Me. Now it’s all about Thee.

You may notice that this path of Personal Development in Self-Love is also a psycho-spiritual progression. So I’ll say it: Self-Love is the single most important and impactful work you can do for all levels of happiness.

GuruMeher is a professional Life Coach and Kundalini Teacher Trainer. His book is Senses of the Soul. This and other resources for the positive use of negative emotions are yours at