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A 3HO Logo Rendition by Muktiar Singh

This painting is a “re-creation” inspired by the 3HO logo.

The creation started during Summer Solstice 2011, where I made many drawings, working as a Service Exchange participant on the multimedia team. The energy of 2000 yogis together at Ram Das Puri was fantastic and uplifting, and I tried to capture it in these drawings. Then the director of marketing at 3HO requested me to make a recreation of the logo. Coming back to Mexico, I made many sketches and drawings, all realized during yoga classes, with the intention to capture the feeling and energy of yogis gathering. One day, the vision came to my mind, and it was an impulse to make the painting in colors.

In the planet earth, the motion of the wind and the clouds are forming the 3HO letters, melding with the Ek Ong Kar, that we can see coming up from the spiral hurricane.

In the three human figures we see the flow of energy, and the importance of the throat chakra, the ether tattva of this year. The human beings embracing the planet are melding with the whole Universe.

The sky universe is full of stars, it is an alive universe in motion with galaxies, a nebula and a comet passing. In the lower part is the ambrosial hour, the sunrise of the new era.

May this image communicate love, union and celebration for the worldwide 3HO community.

Hector Jara  Mukhtiar