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Overheard at Solstice....I'm a "Gheegan" not a Vegan!

Jar full of Ghee

Lunches at Winter Solstice have been delicious.  On non Tantric days we were served quinoa tabouli, potatoes, sweet potatoes and the most delicious topping made from finely chopped garlic, ginger and GHEE! yummy...the ghee was very grounding and added a savoriness that brought all of the flavors together.

Ghee is highly regarded, both in Ayurveda (it is beneficial for all doshas) and by yogis who consider it a very satvic food. It can be used in most Indian recipes to replace oil for frying. The idea is to get impurities and water out of the butter so you are left with pure fat. The points to remember are to never stir the butter while it is cooking, and to keep a close eyes on the colour so that the ghee doesn't burn.

How to Make Ghee:


And here is a video on how to make ghee.....pour in some fancy glass jars, put a ribbon on it and you have a last minute holiday gift!

Happy Cooking and Healthy Holidays!

Guru Dev Kaur