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Yogi Bhajan's Ten Manners of Life

By Hari Charn Kaur Khalsa

Greetings from the Golden Temple. In North America, November is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving. As Kundalini Yogis, we are graced to arise in the Amrit Vela and begin the day in remembrance and gratitude for the gift of the breath. How cool is that? And what is even more amazing is that thousands of us all around the world share in this blessing each day.

One of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan that I return to again and again is the Ten Manners of Life. This is one of the teachings that Yogi Bhajan shared from his guest house in Espanola. He used to go on walks and share these bits of wisdom. Thank you to Gurubachan Singh of Espanola who took notes to share with all of us and to Sat Hari Singh of Hamburg who published these in The Name of the Cosmos. (If you would like to read more of these wonderful words of wisdom, you can read or download this book from the KRI website

I love this because every time I read it I see something different. I hope you enjoy The Ten Manners of Life, and take some time to visit the Tools for Teachers on the KRI Website. There are many wonderful downloads that you can use for your classes and to just enjoy reading the words of our Teacher.

The Ten Manners of Life

If you want growth, you want to glow, you want grace, you want everything, you just need to follow the ten manners of life.


Feel the Other Person

Discuss and Dialogue

Come to a Mutual Understanding

Plan the Strategy: This must be mutual and you need to understand what happens.

Keep the Communication



Exchange Greetings

Be Thankful


These are the laws for every human being to follow. These are ten good things that will help you win.

Blessings from the Golden Temple,

Hari Charn Kaur is a KRI Teacher Trainer and the KRI Director of Reach Out Teach Out. She has been a student of Yogi Bhajan for over 35 years. She travels and develops teachers around the world.