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The Yogi's Computer Tip

Gurudev Kaur, Gurumustuk Singh, and Dharmjot Singh on 11-11-11

For those of us who are working in front of a computer screen all day long, here's something Yogi Bhajan taught to help us keep our magnetic fields balanced:

In 1996, while teaching a course in Miami, Yogi Bhajan was asked, "What can we do about the stress that comes from working with computers?" He replied, "At the end of the day you must recharge your central nervous system, otherwise you are slowly dying. When you work in front of your computer, your magnetic field joins with that of the computer. Before leaving your office sit nine feet away from your computer and eat a combination of fresh fruits including pear, apple, pineaple, orange, and kiwi with black salt. Eat very slowly. And then go home."