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Making a Donation for a Spiritual Name


Why is it important to make a donation?

Everything that is truly valuable requires an exchange of energy, for it is in the giving that you receive the true worth. It is then that your prosperity becomes assured, as your donation signals to the Universe that you are ready to receive.

Yogi Bhajan taught that consciousness raising technologies are most valued when something is given in return. The blessing of your spiritual name, which holds within it the key to your own destiny, is such a technology.

There has been an exponential growth in the number of requests for spiritual names over the past few years. They have grown by over 500% since Yogi Bhajan’s death in 2004. In light of this incredible growth, your donations are essential in order for us to keep up with the increasing number of requests we receive. We encourage you to give a donation of at least $25 for each spiritual name request. This enables us to continue to cover the costs of providing spiritual names to whomever requests them. Expenses include the cost of providing you with a quick response time to your request, web development, translations, bookkeeping, and other administrative costs.

Your support also allows the 3HO Spiritual Names Office to continue offering the profound technology and divine gift of spiritual names.

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