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The Blessing of Bonding

By Sarb Nam Kaur Khalsa

The blessing of Women's Camp for me was all about bonding. Growing up, I never formed a lot of strong bonds with women until I started doing Kundalini Yoga and attending Women's Camps in the 1980's. 

Yogi Bhajan worked on our auras as women and also created an amazing environment for us to experience our power as women. I grew up during the Women's Liberation movement, but it wasn't until I found myself working, praying and serving beside a group of amazing spiritual women that I really understood that liberation was about freeing myself from my neuroses and accepting the amazing gift of sisterhood from these incredible women. 

I am so excited to be returning to study with the Master (his teaching and technology for women are timeless and powerful). I am older and wiser now than in those "early days," and I look forward to learning more about myself from my peers and from the new generations of yoginis as we give ourselves the opportunity to deepen our experience of what it means to be a Majestic Woman. 

See you all at International Women's Camp 2013!

Sarb Nam Kaur Khalsa  
International Women's Camp Coordinator
3HO Events Office