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Get Unstuck—Allow a Flowing of Knowing

By Sharlene Starr

Yogi Bhajan’s 2nd Sutra of the Aquarian Age is: There is a Way through Every Block. As there is a straw that breaks the camel’s back…there comes a moment that can break through that which blocks you.

You may feel loaded beyond your own capacity to move. Know that you can advance through and beyond. Change your mindset from victim to victory. Start to ask the questions that matter: Why is this happening? How often does this happen? Who does it impact? What are the patterns? Are you happy with it? Bring yourself back to yourself. Drive the solution.

So caught up in the fullness of the challenge that you need to make room for the solution to evolve. Can you see past the straw? Lift up the rug and take a look at what is there? Anything need cleaning? Open your eyes and see. Remove the barriers to progress. Is there something you need to say yes to? Is there something you need to say no to?

There is a way through every block. Be your own catalyst. Drive a delicious life of full outright joy.

Maybe the last straw is not so much about breaking the camel’s back as it is about breaking through your paradigm. Get unstuck. Allow a flowing of knowing. If you don’t know ask. Ask for help. Get help. Help someone else. Snap out of it.

Sometimes the door slamming in your face is just an illusion. If you pay attention, you’ll see that the door is actually swinging open, past your own preconceived notions and presenting you with your life.

The first step is the first step…so take it. Break on through to the other side.

No longer continue to accept a bad situation.

You are worthy of greatness.

Asking. Seeking. Finding. Pulling through.

No limits!

Oh for crying out loud, make better decisions.

Sharlene Starr has been teaching Kundalini Yoga classes in Calgary since 2009 and specifically serves students of self-discovery. Her classes weave together yoga, stories, and practice. Her teaching style makes the wisdom tradition of Kundalini Yoga a powerful exploratory approach for our modern times.

Teaching the Kundalini Yoga tradition as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Sharlene offers live and downloadable classes, private sessions for individuals and groups, online courses, books, specialized workshops, and retreats. When asked about Kundalini Yoga, Sharlene says, “This yoga has brought great transformation to my life on an emotional, physical, and soul-deep level.  It is such a joy to bring this technology to others so they can experience their own healing and self discovery.”

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